3 days ago

    Cisco thanks sanctioned Russian security company for reporting critical pre-auth RCE bug.

    CVSS 9.8 bug in Cisco HyperFlex HX reported by Positive Technologies.
    4 days ago

    Virtana CEO Kash Shaikh: From no running water, to running a company

    From our house in Pakistan, clean drinking water was a mile away. At eight years…
    6 days ago

    Sol Rashidi, Chief Analytics Officer, Estée Lauder, on messy work, data culture, rugby.

    “I was a phenomenal athlete in high school, I was barely mediocre at the collegiate…
      2 weeks ago

      Finastra CPTO Eli Rosner, on algorithmic bias, and banking-as-a-service

      Finastra, formed in 2017 by the combination of Misys and D+H, is the largest pure-play software vendor that serves the…
      4 weeks ago

      “Nakedly dangerous”: FTSE 350 plagued by RDP, SMB, Telnet exposure.

      193 Telnet hosts, 164 RDP services, 65 SMB ports there for the taking...
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